Thursday, February 17, 2011

1999-2009 Reminiscence of my Eco Art Works個人生態藝術回憶錄(7)

Exhibition 裝置展覽

Lohas in room104
Installation, 2009

Description: Exhibition in reply to the artist’s publication <Leung In Ten Years>. It presented the possibility of modern living style. “Lohas” is a spirit of getting close with the natural environment. At room 104 Police Married Quarters, a historical building, the artist collected different interesting recycle materials, to re-construct a forest environment. But looking inside from the window, it became a zoological park which is caged.

裝置展覽, 2009

展覽簡介:展覽是回應作者2009 <娘足十年>出版書籍。呈現現代人居住的可能性。<娘住>是一種試圖接近自然,以自然為本的生活精神。於已經成為古蹟的中區警察宿舍104號房間,她拾荒各式各樣有趣物件,模擬森林境地。從房間窗外往內看,卻變成了鐵籠中一個動物園。

Exhibition 裝置展覽

Talk with a vacuum (USA)
Installation and performance, 2007

Description: The exhibition is a confession of the artist. It recorded the artist’s experience with different people when having meals. In China, close relatives treating a meal as important as wonderful and intimate activities. However, in nowadays city life is insensitive. The two people in a table, are wordless, tasteless when eating, it’s everyday situation. To rebuild the table scenery, be thankful to the sacrifice of life, to treasure the food and love.
Bryan Zanisnik and seemanho (performer) / Jorge Mendez Blake (photographs)
裝置展覽及演出 2007

Bryan Zanisnik and seemanho (performer) / Jorge Mendez Blake (photographs)


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