Friday, February 11, 2011

1999-2009 Reminiscence of my Eco Art Works個人生態藝術回憶錄(3)

Publication 出版作品

Name of book: Leung In Ten Years
Drawing, Photos and text, 2009

Description: The author used “Leung”(old-fashioned) to describe the living lifestyle here and now. With her 10 years of green life, she wrote down and drew us the method good living. To put down the heaviness, slowing tasting the life, feeling easy. According to the basic needs of wearing, eating, living, walking and heart, she talked about love towards the world. This is the most intimacy work of the author.

書名: 娘足十年
繪畫, 攝影及文字, 2009年

內容簡介: 作者以<娘>來形容當下最時尚的生活態度。用個人十年綠色生活經驗,繪畫和寫下心靈與生活之綠色生活方法。放下沉重,慢慢感覺,輕鬆自然。依照活著之基本需要<衣食住行和自心>,談自然情說人互愛。這是作者歷來最親切的作品。

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