Friday, February 11, 2011

1999-2009 Reminiscence of my Eco Art Works個人生態藝術回憶錄(1)

Publication  出版作品

Name of book: Girl Meets Raindrop
Storie and illustration, 1999
Description: With couple of metaphor stories, to unveil the contradiction of “human world” and “natural environment”. Stories include author’s love toward every lives in the world. To rethink human being living in natural world, to rethink the behavior of over development. It recall the readers’ reflection toward their existence in the world. bringing out tears and laughter, it’s just both side of the same coin, good and bad is always coexist. (This book is adapted to theatre in 2005)

書名: 當大舊頭遇上雨點
繪本, 1999年

內容簡介: 以多個懚喻式故事,呈現<人為世界>與<自然>的矛盾。短故事包涵了作者對自然及其他生命之情,反省人活於自然,過度發展的行為。勾起讀者對生存之感想,引發出淚水或微笑,都只是一個硬幣的兩面,好壞處本來就是共存。(此作品於2005年改編成劇場作品發表)

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