Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Eco Art on Lamma Island 在南丫島上的生態藝術

“Presenting a gift in return”《回禮》

Presenting a gift in return for every life form, with all best wishes.

sculpture Material: old newspaper / pigment / old lantern / paper box / plastic bottle / thrown-away tire / crabapple powder  雕塑物料:舊報紙 / 顏料 / 舊燈籠 / 紙盒 / 膠樽 / 廢車胎 / 花紅粉

Exhibition展覽: 13.11.2010 Tai Wan To Beach on Lamma Island 11:00–18:30
Performance演出: 13.11.201014:00–18:00 Lamma Island

Friday, November 5, 2010

Mission and Treasure hunt使命和互動

Ended of the exhibition at Star Ferry, Glasses are recyled to be environmentally
friendly tiles.天星展覽完結,玻璃瓶拿去回收,再造環保地磚。

 Treasure hunt 1:

 Treasure hunt 2:
Mid-night interaction, artwork is re-installed by the passerby. Let's have a
treasure hunt. 展覽作品在夜深與途人互動,考你眼光搜尋不同處。

Monday, November 1, 2010

In reply to the exhibition by Chinese University students 中大學生回應展覽

In the past week I collected wastage with Chinese University students,
I created the 2nd stage of installation “You see me, I see you. Same as me, same as you.” , “Gifts from Lamma island(rubbish bin)”and “Dinner for development” .
For CU students, after 3 hours of improvisatorial installation, they created <you see what I see>及<樹. 回 禮 >, in reply to the exhibition.
Thankful for their participation.

中大學生三小時內即興完成了兩件作品,<you see what I see>及<樹. 回 禮 >