Tuesday, February 15, 2011

1999-2009 Reminiscence of my Eco Art Works個人生態藝術回憶錄(4)

Exhibition 裝置展覽

A Tree To Be Found
Installation and performance, 2003

Description: A grown and nourished tree, awaiting to be found and understood. Osho said, “something important should be understood, and it’s already existed”. Starting from eating behaviors, created a weird and story-telling exhibition. The moths thought that they will become firefly after eating the leaves, mother forced her children to eat Frankenfood. Children crave for food when they are tortured. Horse and goat quarrel because of bean and beancurd. What has made the difference between orange and tangerine. Chapter by chapter, the exhibition became a big story; a big world. With colorful visual impact, to present a respectful world view. “Love” is the final destination.

名稱: 有棵沒人種的樹 
裝置展覽及演出 2003


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