Thursday, February 6, 2014

Meat Eating Human Being And Vegetarian Lover Wild Boar <常茹素的野豬,愛吃肉的人>

Wild boars love vegetables, they don't eat human.

Wild boars in Hong Kong generously the largest native mammal, they widely distributed in Hong Kong Island, Lantau Island, Tai Mo Shan, Northeast New Territories, Sai Kung and Clear Water Bay. They are found in varies of habitats including woodland, grassland or farmland countryside areas. 

The Hong Kong Government received complaints about the wild boar "disturbance", 2004 has 42, 116 in 2005, 135 in 2006.  In the past four years, the number of wild boars were killed by the Hong Kong government are, 2010 has 86, 2011 has 40, 2012 has 44, 2013 
(until Oct) has 40.

The complaint were mainly worried about threats to personal safety boar with destruction of property.


野豬是香港現時身型最大嘅原生哺乳動物,香港分佈亦廣泛:香港島、大嶼山、大帽山、新界東北、西貢同清水灣都找到蹤影。野豬生活棲地包括:林地、草原甚至農田郊野地帶。香港政府接到有關野豬滋擾人嘅投訴,2004年有 42 個、2005年有 116 個、2006年有 135 個。過去4年政府捕獲野豬數目:2010年86隻、2011年40隻、2012年44隻、2013年10月為止40隻。


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