Tuesday, August 27, 2013

In Memory of Prof. Shiu-Ying Hu 香港百草婆婆

drawing by seemanho二犬十一咪 (mingpao 明報)

<永遠的胡秀英Holly Hu>

世界植物學權威,尤其是冬青科、菊科、錦葵科和蘭科,全球四百多種冬青中,有三百多種是由胡秀英博士命名,而被稱為「Holly Hu」(意即冬青胡)。為表揚胡秀英對香港植物研究的貢獻,分佈於香港的秀英竹和秀英耳草以胡秀英之名命名的。
Our beloved Prof Shiu-Ying Hu passed away last year (22 May 2012) at the age of 102.  Prof Hu received her BSc from Ginling Women’s College (now part of Nanjing Normal University) and MSc from Lingnan University (now part of Sun Yatsen University). After World War II, she went to the US and became the first Chinese woman receiving a PhD in Botany from Harvard University. She then devoted over 30 years as a research botanist in Arnold Arboretum, Harvard University. In 1968, she joined the Department of Biology, CUHK, as a Senior Lecturer and retired in 1975. After retirement, she continued her active research in both the Harvard University Herbaria and CUHK Herbarium. She was a renowned expert in the plant genera of Ilex (Aquifoliaceae), Hemerocallis (Amaryllidaceae) and Panax (Araliaceae), the Chinese families of Orchidaceae, Compositae, and Malvaceae, and Chinese medicinal herbs and food plants. She published over 200 articles and books. Her contributions to plant systematics and economic applications gained her many awards and decorations, including the Bronze Bauhinia Star of the HKSAR Government in 2001 and the CUHK Honorary Fellowship in 2002. She was listed as an “Outstanding Chinese” in the Success Stories Series produced by RTHK in 2003 and one of the top ten Loving Hearts of Hong Kong by ATV in 2010. She will be remembered as a great scholar and botanist with everlasting influence in our mind and heart. http://www.cuhk.edu.hk/lifesciences/Prof_S_Y_Hu.htm 


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