Sunday, October 24, 2010

Introduce Eco Art to my home country 把生態藝術帶回家

“Reclamation Exercise" Eco Art Exhibition (2010) 《回收作業》生態藝術展覽(2010)
I was used to collect wastage since I was young.

Walking into a moldy house, searching for the unfamiliar people’s photos, bringing the broken toy home, enjoy and appreciate. The beautiful glasses, children's garments with the smell of butter, old and dusty plastic flowers. Leaves from the mountain to make the fiber, with knitting and needlework to be fashion. Things being dumped, had once been valued, ever been loved.

Creating while collecting, love to use materials being called as waste or rubbish, return them an existence value. Construction wasted wood, wrapping paper, plastic bottles, old newspaper, and every second hand household items, are the soul for creation. My previous publication and exhibition artwork, mainly focus on the contradiction between human and nature, and rethink how greed and desire nibble up human and object.

In spring 2009, while packing, I looked back the overseas exhibition and exchange program photos, recalled a New York friend who was preparing an eco art exhibition. I realized that there is no such art form in Hong Kong. With the above reasons, I got the first eco art funding from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

Here and now, I have my documentation.


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